[Feature] Paranoid Schizophrenia: A story in pictures

In this post, I will be showcasing the artwork of Blake Jackson, diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

Blake draws pictures of his psychotic experiences, and it is my hope that you will all learn from these pieces of art.

Beauty of the Beast- multi-coloured lines in the background. Their image is of a cloaked figure with a rams skull for a head, holding up a skeletal arm as if to shush the viewer.

This piece is called ” Beauty of the beast”

This creature first appeared to me around two years ago. It would perch itself on the end of my marital bed. Simply stare at my wife and I and occasionally snort to make its presence known. It terrified me so much I couldn’t sleep. It does appear to me still but not as much as it would have but believe me that is still too much.

The smile- a firey portal is in the background with a silhouetted figure emerging. The figure has no facial feature save for a monstrous smile containing many sharp teeth.

This piece is called “The Smile”

I refer to them as the shadow creatures. They are very tall in appearance, I would say around the 7 ft mark. They attach themselves like a parasite to its host and will suck the life force from the human theyve chosen. They manifest through the strange rectangular portals.

Tardigrade- the back ground of this image contains brown, black, and grey splodges. The main image is of a white tardigrade with it’s head turned backwards. It has two small black eyes, and a smile similar to that of “the joker” containing sharp teeth.

This piece is called ” Tardigrade”

I will often see this one scurrying across the ceilings. When spotted it will stop dead in its tracks, like when you see a spider and it seemingly stops, aware that you’re looking at it. It has full control of its neck and can do a complete 180⁰ turn to stare directly at you.

Transformation- a white back ground with the grey face of an old Chinese lady. She has a grimace that reveals blood stained pointy teeth.


Shes a seemingly innocent elderly Chinese lady to begin with. Has an issue of watching us through the windows of our home. Its only when she enters into the house that she transforms into this creature. Can be found hiding under the children’s beds just waiting.

Poison- A white background with a dark grey cup containing what appears to be coffee with a black skull and cross-bones in the middle of it.


I have had a real issue surrounding food and drink thats not prepared by myself or ive not watched over during the making process. I’ve had the very real belief I was being poisoned and the hallucinations surrounding drinks can range from warning symbols appearing in the drinks to just outright green bubbling liquid where there should be coffee. I tend to make it myself now or my wife will test it for me if she can see im uncomfortable.

No drinks available- a white background with a glass cosori kettle. In the kettle is a purple octopus.

“No drinks available “

For quite a while I had believed, after seeing, there was an octopus living in my kettle. The cephalopod had , for some reason, chose this new home to live in. It disrupted my coffee drinking as I would have to check to make sure it wasn’t real.

The plague doctor- a white background with a plague doctor in white roves and mask.

“The plague doctor”

There are two of these that follow me. They’re sort of like yin and yang. Good and evil. The white one is good and makes conversation with me and helps me to achieve goals. He even assisted me in the birth of my youngest son, having delivered him myself. The black one is evil, he doesn’t speak only taps his finger on the door and beckons me to come outside. His aim is to get me into the woods and for me to hang myself.

Crocodile nundee- a white background with a crocodile standing wearing nuns garments.

“Crocodile Nundee”

Originally started as a dream, but have since seen her and her sisters congregating in crowded areas and blessing the crowds as they walk by. They mainly like to do their hail Mary’s on the rosaries. If you get too close they can get a little snappy.

Sad- background consists of rainbow coloured lines. Main image is of a sad clown in black and white.


This is bobo the clown. He first appeared to me around two and a half years ago and has to be the most miserable clown there is. He has a completely lacklustre laugh and a broken horn. His effort is that of someone who has lost complete hope and is a pit of despair. He will pop out around corners hooting his broken horn at you.

Blake Jackson is a paranoid schizophrenic, he was diagnosed at the age of 30 but had experienced symptoms throughout his late teens and 20’s. He turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the stress of having hallucinations but has been sober from these for many years now. He has developed a coping mechanism through the medium of art. He depicts his hallucinations and delusions in his artwork. Blake is a proud father to 6 boys which he and his wife Gemma take care of.

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