David Gray-Hammond

Autistic Mental Health and Addiction Advocate, Writer, Speaker, Consultant

I am available for consultations, podcasts, livestreams, and speaking requests regarding Autism, addiction, and mental health, and access to treatment services for adults experiencing addiction and mental health concerns.

I am an Autistic person in recovery from addiction and psychosis.

I am currently a children and young person’s mentor for Gecko Community CIO, where I support neurodivergent young people with trauma and burnout. I am also working with Gecko to set up a project to support young substance users with matters of addiction and criminal exploitation.

I spent 3 years as an independent consultant, working with service commissioners in Brighton and Hove, representing the treatment rights of Autistic substance users. I sat on an advisory panel to help decide the current substance misuse services provider for Brighton and Hove. I also helped pilot a scheme to bring drug testing kits to student drug users in Brighton and Hove, helping them to know the purity of substances they were using and reduce accidental overdoses.

I have written extensively of my experiences as an autistic drug addict and alcoholic, and also of my experiences with complex mental health issues such as psychosis.

I was the Chief Operating Officer of NeuroClastic, Inc. for 18 months, and am currently a presenter and educator for Aucademy. I am also a team member at ‘seND support through an ND lense’ on Facebook.

I have conducted numerous consultations around autism, addiction, and mental health with both professionals and non-professionals. I have also spoken at conferences on the topic of autism and addiction.

I co-host the “Especially Interesting” podcast, and also have experience of setting up and executing conferences and speaking opportunities that platform Autistic voices.

I have been involved in two criminal justice campaigns pertaining to the unfair incarceration of Black Autistic people, and most recently I am a member of the Boycott Spectrum 10k team.

I have experience of youth work. I was a cadet sergeant for St John Ambulance, and also spent a year as a member of the National Youth Lead Team for the same organisation.

I was also formerly a director of Give Street Project CIC, an organisation that facilitates donation collection for front line organisations tackling food poverty and homelessness.

In my free time, I am a published poet, musician, and gamer.


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