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David Gray-Hammond

Autistic Mental Health and Addiction Advocate, Writer, Speaker, Consultant

David is available for consultations, mentoring, advocacy, speaking engagements and training. Please visit DGH Neurodivergent Consultancy for more information.

David Gray-Hammond is an Autistic, ADHD, and Schizophrenic author living on Englands South-East coast. He runs his own business, DGH Neurodivergent Consultancy, and has written two books.

After achieving sobriety from drug and alcohol addiction and receiving his autism diagnosis, David worked consulting with service commissioners in his home city to represent the rights of neurodivergent and dual diagnosed substance users in discussion of treatment policy and implementation.

He has experience in the field of drug related deaths, and has helped to implement harm reduction schemes to reduce their prevalence. Alongside this, David has helped to select and install service providers for substance misuse services.

In the Autistic community, David is best known for his Emergent Divergence blog, but also gives his time as an educator-learner for Aucademy and co-hosts their Especially Interesting podcast that invites Autistic people to share and infodump about their dedicated interests.

David also hosts his own podcast and online magazine called David’s Divergent Discussions. It discusses philosophies and experiences of neurodiversity, neuroqueering, and what it means to be neurodivergent.

Alongside this, David co-authors two blog series, the first with Tanya Adkin which is called Creating Autistic Suffering and looks at the reasons for negative outcomes in the lives of Autistic people. The second is called Neuroqueer which he co-authors with Katie Munday. Finally, he solo authors the Reclaiming Neurofuturism blog series that considers the way we can build on existing knowledge and theory to advance the neurodiversity movement.

David is a young person’s mentor for Gecko Community and is the former Chief Operating Officer of NeuroClastic.

David can be found on a number of social media platforms, and regularly presents at conferences and webinars online. He has a special interest in Neuroqueer Theory, and in his free time can be found playing Destiny 2 or reading and writing about autism and neurodiversity.

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