Anthology Submissions

I am currently compiling an anthology on Autistic peoples diverse and unique experiences of substance use and addiction. I welcome submissions of essays of around 2000-5000 words, discussing experiences with substance use, and how that uniquely interacted with your Autistic self.

Each essay in the anthology will be followed by a commentary, written by myself, where I explore what you discuss through my own experiences.

This anthology will be important reading for the Autistic community, especially advocates and activists, but also professionals working with Autistic people.

The current Deadline for submissions is 30th September 2022.

If you wish to take part, then please do use the contact form below. I can not guarantee that all submissions will make it into the anthology as there is a great deal of interest in this project. I will, however, keep hold of essays (with your permission) to potentially use in future project.

A final note, contributors will be compensated for their time. They will receive a small percentage of the proceeds each for five years after the book has been published.

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