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Author: David Gray-Hammond


  • David Gray-Hammond

    David Gray-Hammond is an Autistic consultant and trainer, educating on the topics of Autistic experience, mental health, and drug and alcohol use. He has several years experience in this area as well as personal lived experience. He is the author of "The New Normal" and "A Treatise on Chaos" that consider how we might evolve and grow as a society and individuals. You can find out more about his consultancy services at

Autism, Autistic Wellbeing, disability, Mental Health, neurodiversity, Psychosis

Creating Autistic Suffering: The AuDHD Burnout to Psychosis Cycle- A deeper look

This article was co-authored by Tanya Adkin and David Gray-Hammond Monotropism is a theory of autism. It is used interchangeably as a theory and also a trait th... Read more.
Autistic Wellbeing, disability, Mental Health, neurodiversity, Psychosis, Society

Autism and psychosis: The elephant in the room

I am Autistic and ADHD, some might affectionately refer to me as AuDHD. However, to think that these two diagnostic categories tell the whole story of my neurod... Read more.
Autistic Community, Autistic Gender, Autistic Rights, Autistic Sexuality, Neuroqueer Theory, Neuroqueering, Society

The relationship between queerness and being Autistic

“Queer is a term used by those wanting to reject specific labels of romantic orientation, sexual orientation and/or gender identity. It can also be a way ... Read more.
Autistic Parenting, Autistic Wellbeing, disability, General Wellbeing, Mental Health, neurodiversity, Trauma

Autistic Parenting: Parenthood in it’s infancy

This article was co-authored by David Gray-Hammond and Katie Munday When Katie and I set out to write today, we knew we wanted to do something new. While there ... Read more.
ADHD, Autism, Autistic Community, Autistic Rights, Autistic Wellbeing, Harmful Cures, Healthcare, medication, Mental Health Treatment Rights, neurodiversity, PDA, Restraint and Seclusion, Society, Trauma

Creating Autistic Suffering: CAMHS kills kids

This article was co-authored by David Gray-Hammond and Tanya Adkin This article includes exerts from interviews conducted by David, all interviewee’s gave... Read more.
Autistic Community, Autistic Rights, Autistic Wellbeing, Healthcare, Mental Health Treatment Rights, Society

Why is it so important for CAMHS to support Autistic children?

Autistic children, much like Autistic adults, live in a world that bombards them with traumatic experiences. There is often a misunderstanding around what traum... Read more.
Autism, Autistic Community, disability, neurodiversity, PDA, Society, Trauma

PDA: Are we repeating the same mistakes we’ve already made?

Much in the way that historical research around autism has looked at young, white boys, creating bias in the diagnostic criteria (which is responsible for an un... Read more.
Addiction, Autistic Wellbeing, Healthcare, neurodiversity, Society, Trauma

Autism and addiction: co-existing with a mind that seeks oblivion

The narratives around autism and addiction are both peculiar. Things are the same while appearing different. On the one hand, autism is viewed by wider society ... Read more.
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