What does it feel like to be autistic?

Autism. What does it feel like? This was a question posed to me in a facebook group today. I’m not sure exactly what the person asking was looking for, but it is actually an incredibly complex question. So naturally, I’m going to try and answer it in a short and succinct way. I want theContinue reading “What does it feel like to be autistic?”

Support Needs vs Functioning Labels: How I talk about my strengths and struggles

It is well established in the autistic community that functioning labels are outdated and harmful in that they diminish a persons strengths (“low functioning”) and deny access to support for others (“high functioning”). For decades, functioning labels have been used to separate autistic voices from one another and invalidate many of us through the wellContinue reading “Support Needs vs Functioning Labels: How I talk about my strengths and struggles”

ABA: A symbol of fear

Over the years many wonderful and brilliant advocates and activists have spoken out against Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) and why the compliance-based therapy is harmful to autistics, but why do such therapies exist? Simply put, ABA is a symptom of a society that values neuronormative ideals over the beauty of human diversity. To take itContinue reading “ABA: A symbol of fear”

Disclosing your neurotype: My battle with authenticity in a world filled with stigma

“Every time someone steps up and says who they are, the world becomes a better, more interesting place” Captain Raymond Holt, Brooklyn Nine-Nine I try to live my life being my true self these days. I am upfront about who I am and what my experiences are with as many people as I can, unfortunatelyContinue reading “Disclosing your neurotype: My battle with authenticity in a world filled with stigma”

The language of addiction through the lens of the autistic community

Anyone who has spent time withing the online autistic community will be aware that there are particular ways that we as autistics prefer to talk about autism. Identity-first language is vastly preferred by the majority, with many rejecting the phrase “person with autism” while opting for “autistic person”. These well documented preferences have had aContinue reading “The language of addiction through the lens of the autistic community”

Diagnosis and the solipsistic conundrum

Solipsism is the idea that only the self can be known. It is impossible to know the world through the eyes of another. What you see as red, I may see as your blue. Objective reality is that which we have all agreed on, based on discussion of our own subjective realities. How then isContinue reading “Diagnosis and the solipsistic conundrum”

Fighting the void: What is autistic burnout?

In the online autistic community, it is not uncommon to hear about something called “burnout”. This phenomenon is, sadly, quite common, and probably a result of trying to exist in a world that for so many of us is quite frankly hostile. But what is burnout? What follows is an account of my most recentContinue reading “Fighting the void: What is autistic burnout?”

“I am no longer that person”: An autistic addicts journey to self-forgiveness

Many people praise me for my kindness, and ability to engage in open and honest communication in the name of helping people. These days i do my best to be good at these things, but there was once a time when I was not a good person. Let me be completely honest with you. IContinue reading ““I am no longer that person”: An autistic addicts journey to self-forgiveness”

Autism and disability: Reframing our view

Recently i have seen a lot of articles and posts on social media distancing the autistic neurotype from the word disability. For the most part i understand where this is coming from, the word disability has been associated with poor life outcomes, and associated with being somewhat of a burden on society and thus somethingContinue reading “Autism and disability: Reframing our view”

What is MMS and why has it been in the news?

If you’ve been on social media recently you may have noticed stories appearing about people feeding their children bleach in a misguided attempt to “cure” their autism. Specifically the articles refer to a protocol called MMS. MMS is an acronym for Miracle Mineral Solution. First promoted by ex-scientologist Jim Humble in his book ‘The miracleContinue reading “What is MMS and why has it been in the news?”