[GUEST POST] Dating my way back to healthy

Written by Sarah Snow CW: Suicide, Rape, Cancer, Intimate partner violence After leaving an abusive relationship, I developed a plan to create healthy relationships as a way to heal past traumas. I was determined to never choose another situation where I would give away my power to someone else, and by using my background asContinue reading “[GUEST POST] Dating my way back to healthy”

OPINION: Abstinence-based drug programmes are not fit for purpose

If you have followed my work, I think it’s likely that at some point in your life you may have experimented with recreational drugs at some point in your life. I don’t say this because I assume that my followers are drug-users, I say it because you are human, and drugs and alcohol are aContinue reading “OPINION: Abstinence-based drug programmes are not fit for purpose”

Rediscovering my boundaries after achieving sobriety

Drugs and alcohol are endemic to our society. It’s impossible to go out socially without coming across them. There were a lot of complex reasons for why I used drugs and alcohol, but a big one was that they helped me feel more comfortable in social situations. As an autistic person, I have never foundContinue reading “Rediscovering my boundaries after achieving sobriety”

Psychosis and autism: My tenuous relationship with reality

Psychosis is a topic that (much like addiction) is rarely talked about in the autistic community. I suspect that it is more common than people care to admit; I also suspect that most in the community would not have any particular knowledge of what psychosis is besides Hollywood’s stigmatised take on the subject, and possiblyContinue reading “Psychosis and autism: My tenuous relationship with reality”

Professional language surrounding autism

I have spent a lot of time reading about the link between autism and addiction (some may call it a special interest typical of someone on the spectrum), and one thing I’ve noticed is that the language used by professionals, especially scientists, is particularly problematic when it comes to autism. The language used often describesContinue reading “Professional language surrounding autism”