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My friend and fellow Autistic advocate Kelly and her child are being made homeless imminently.

Kelly is a full-time Autistic and multiply disabled mother and carer to an Autistic and disabled child with complex health needs, resulting in multiple long-term hospitalisations, which has put considerable strain on finances. This has been compounded by the effect of the pandemic. Due to ongoing support needs, they are losing their home.

Kelly is a superb Autistic Advocate, giving everything they have to help others whilst in the midst of navigating their own personal storms.

Kelly and her child need your urgent financial support to avoid homelessness by:

  • Securing a first/last/deposit on new accommodations
  • Storage fees
  • Pet fees (2 beautiful kitties, one of whom is an emotional support cat)
  • Moving fees
  • Money to do repairs to their old accommodations in hopes of retaining their security deposit.
  • Transportation
  • Appliances for the new home (washing machine, dryer, etc)

Kelly has been instrumental in helping other Autistic, Non- Autistic parents and children navigate their way through the school system and life. She has spent nearly a decade working to educate and transform spaces dominated by non-autistic run groups and organizations who spread dangerous misinformation on autism, helping parents of autistic children, autistic adults to improve their lives and relationships/create safe and healthy environments for autistics in hopes to bridge the gap of the Double Empathy Problem.

She has done advocacy and activism to prevent and break cycles of autistic abuse, eliminate stereotypes, and discrimination. Outside of her page and volunteer work with Autistic Lead Non-Profits, she spends her time empowering the autistic community, giving advice to/teaching non-autistic and autistic community members, making school support plans for autistic centered accessibility/organize trainings to occur in schools and communities, create awareness around abuse of disabled students in public schools, and works to create ongoing change and acceptance for autistic people in society. She loves her community, has respect for her fellow dedicated advocates and wishes to be a lifelong learner and educator.

Kelly advocates within the musical community to ensure that the platforms are safe for Autistic musicians and that they are respected for their talent and music, not used for tokenistic reasons. Kelly has worked hard to create safe spaces for Autistic musicians. In both the online music and advocacy community, she drives to prevent abuse and keep families safe with high safeguarding standards and appropriate reporting.

She is an incredibly talented singer, a wonderful and thoughtful friend, and hates to ask anyone else for help. Therefore, we are doing it for them, and their child.

Please consider donating, as much as you can, as quickly as you can, to ensure that they have a stable living environment and to relieve the pressure of the sudden move.

To donate to the GoFundMe campaign, follow the link below:

Venmo: @KBella-Bee-42

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