Identity and Community, and Mental Health- David with Katie Munday

David's Divergent Discussions
David's Divergent Discussions
Identity and Community, and Mental Health- David with Katie Munday

TW: Mentions Racism, Transphobia, Bigotry, Oppression, and discusses distressing experiences to related to mental health and psychological wellbeing. Contains strong language and swearing.

In this episode, Katie Munday and David discuss the importance of having access to a positive sense of identity and community-connectedness for all Neurodivergent people, including this who have historically been called “mentally ill”. They discuss how this particular group of Neurodivergents have been denied access to these things, and what a more inclusive community might look like.

Guest Bio

Katie Munday (they/them) is a late realised Autistic person with OCD and Attention Hyperactivity.

They have worked with Disabled children in the charity sector and coached wheelchair basketball since 2016.

They have just finished an MRes in Gender Studies, collecting and sharing the stories of trans and / or non-binary Autistic adults with the hope to create more accessible and appropriate work on our experiences.  

They are a community researcher involved in Cancer services accessibility for disabled and trans folk, healthcare accessibility for Autistic people, and more general work on disabled people’s experience of mental health.


You can purchase David’s book The New Normal: Autistic musings on the threat of a broken society on amazon by following this link https://www.amazon.co.uk/New-Normal-Autistic-musings-society/dp/B0BL4Y86XR

Published by David Gray-Hammond

David Gray-Hammond is an Autistic consultant and trainer, educating on the topics of Autistic experience, mental health, and drug and alcohol use. He has several years experience in this area as well as personal lived experience. He is the author of "The New Normal" and "A Treatise on Chaos" that consider how we might evolve and grow as a society and individuals. You can find out more about his consultancy services at www.dghneurodivergentconsultancy.co.uk

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