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Here you will find a collection of information about supporting your Autistic loved ones and the barriers that you may face as a parent, child, or adult. Below are a growing collection of articles and resources. More will be added to this over time.

For information on some of the basic knowledge around neurodiversity, try this linked page.

Also, check out Aucademy if you are newly diagnosed.

Individual Posts

The shocking state of autism diagnosis in the UK

Autism is under-diagnosed. This fact has been a truth within our online Autistic spaces for as long as I’ve been in them. Despite mounting evidence that many adults are struggling through life without access to formal identification, many of us face discriminatory and financially inaccessible systems that feel as though…

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CAS Series

Creating Autistic Suffering: Neuronormativity in mental health treatment

This article was co-authored between David Gray-Hammond and Tanya Adkin Trigger Warning: This article contains mentions of systemic mistreatment in the mental health setting, traumatisation, references to pathologizing theories and language, mention of cultural ignorance, and discussion of mental health conditions inlcuding cluster B diagnosis and misdiagnosis. It seems to…

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Is there an autism epidemic?

The article addresses the detrimental perception of autism as an “epidemic.” It presents studies suggesting autism’s strong genetic basis, with heritability rates ranging from 64% to 91%. The increase in autism diagnoses is attributed to the reproduction of autistic individuals, who are (in the absence of data) assumed to be…

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