A reflection on the nature of Autistic joy

What is Autistic joy?

Is it different to neurotypical joy?

Honestly, I can’t answer the second question. I am Autistic, and always have been. The neurotypical mind is a puzzle I can not solve.

I can however discuss what is Autistic joy is to me. Inspired by the recent livestream I hosted with Aucademy.

I can consider the moment that I discovered the Autistic community. It was as if my whole life I had been a stranger in my own land, and finally I had found my kin.

The joy within me can not have justice done by words alone, but I will do.my best.

For me, Autistic joy is like getting lost in the woods, but the woods are so beautiful that you never wish to be found. You wish to remain lost in that moment for eternity. For a moment, time stands still and all you can feel is the overflowing euphoria of love and self-acceptance.

This is what Autistic joy is to me.

So no, I don’t know if it’s different for another neurotype. I hope not, because I believe all people should get to feel that moment of the purest joy at least once in their life.

My Autistic joy is the best medicine I have ever taken, it’s like being gifted a cutlery drawer full of every spoon I ever lost in my attempts to fit into a world that hated me.

I truly hope that every Autistic gets the opportunity to feel the purity of that moment.